Hello, World!

Hey there! 👋

I’m Guy Waldman, a software developer and graphic designer from Israel and this blog will be a safe-haven for all my future ramblings.

A Bit About Myself

Freshly graduating from a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) and a full-time employee at Microsoft Azure. Before starting at Microsoft, I worked and occasionally freelanced in web development and design.

I have many passions and interests — both a blessing and a curse; I am also a hybrid in too many things - code/design, platforms and operating systems, languages (both spoken and programming) — you name it. For the past few years, I’ve been mostly developing and designing web and mobile applications (primarily in ReactJS). For the past year or so, I’ve also taken an interest in the Rust programming language (and systems programming as a whole) so you can expect some content about Rust in the future.

Before pursuing my degree, I also worked in an animation studio as a digital artist (graphic design and occasionally some motion design in After Effects). That was, and still is, my side-passion.

The programming languages I’m most proficient in are JavaScript (with various flavors), Python, Rust, C# and C++. You will probably see these the most in my blog posts.

What I Will Post About

Mostly software, design, and UI/UX — but, really, anything that comes to mind!