I'm Guy Waldman

Full stack software engineer


I started my way through the industry as a digital artist - first freelancing, and then at a digital/animation studio.

As far as software is concerned, I used to program at an early age, starting with Flash and ActionScript. *sobs of nostalgia*
And so, after doing some work in web development (mostly WordPress and PHP) my passion rekindled; I pursued a computer science undergraduate at the Technion (Israel Insitute of Technology).
During my degree, I did some more freelancing work and worked at Chatway, a startup in Tel Aviv, during one of my summer vacations.

In the final year of my undergraduate degree, I started working as a software engineering student at the Microsoft Israel R&D Center.
My work was in Azure - Microsoft's cloud provider - and revolved mostly around data security, big data solutions for large-scale data pipelines, and some UI work.
Upon completing my degree, I continued to work in the same group as a full time employee, and am still employed there happily ever after.

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